Newsletter March 2013

Dear Client,

Where did February go? It was a good month, thank you! I saw so many new faces, enjoyed awesome personalities and received warm kind-hearted hugs-‘n-kisses. Couldn’t have done it with out you!



I have added new buttons, or shall I say Lamont did! He made the website more user-friendly and added on the homepage new buttons for you to use and enjoy. On the right hand side you will find: NEWS, ADVERTS & MENU. Under News you will find all the monthly news letters and information send out. Under Adverts you will find all the Canberra weekly and times’ advertisements; and under Menu the new pricelist.



Faradic Technology – the world nr.1 slimming machine!

Main Benefits:
* Aids in reduction of fat cells * Body toning and lifting* Revitalizes healthy blood circulation* Aids in reduction of toxins via stimulation of lymphatic system* Stimulates natural collagen production* Improves tone and quality of skin appearance* Pain reduction* Increases wound healing on a cellular level* Increases ATP – fuels our cells ‘energy of life’* Diminishes appearance of fine lines and wrinkles* Diminishes expression aging.
Can be done in sessions of 6 or 8; 6 x 30 min sessions, $50 each, plus one free or 8 x 60 min sessions, $80 each, plus two free.



What treatment will take care of the creases between my breast and on chest?

As there are many conditions on the chest and breast area I will address each condition with treatment and home care advice.

1)Elastin and collagen damage. Homecare advice: Use Environ Hydrating lotion ($79) and body oil ($85) to stimulate cell turnover and regenerate the tissue. Results will be seen after 3 – 5 months. Salon treatment: Derma-pen will stimulate collagen growth tighten and smooth out the area. You need 2 -3 sessions to see results.
Cost of treatment varies depending on the area from $300 – $450. See specials below!

2)Pigmentation problems. Homecare advice: Use as above Environ Hydrating lotion and body oil. The lactic acid in the Hydrating Lotion will inhibit more melanin cell production and will assist in the removal of old cells in the epidermis. Salon treatments: Environ peels including galvanic current will lighten and brighten the skin. Freezing can be done on stubborn pigmentation spots and Lamprobe can be done if there are raised lesions on the skin.

Cost of peels: $160
Cost of Lamprobe: $150
Cost of freezing: $150


What causes ingrown hairs?

Nobody can tell!! But what I do know is that treatment is very important in salon and at home. You should always trim, wax or shave the hair more frequently than 4 weeks; Keeping the hair as short as possible prohibit the hair from turning back into the follicle. Also rub or scrub the area daily with an in growing hair Loopha (available at clinic $18). You should also apply Hovans crème to assist in renewal of skin and keep the skin sterile (available at clinic $38) At the salon: after waxing I will open the skin, remove the hair and treat the area accordingly. Ask for extra time after waxing.



The lucky winners for February are: Marie Smith and Mabelle Rice. Thank you ladies for mentioning to me that you did read the newsletter! Please confirm that you did receive this newsletter! You receive a $50 gift certificate when you spend $100 at the clinic. Well done!!!



5 min. $50 (enough time to complete full face twice)
7 min. $75 (enough time to complete full face and neck)
10 min. $100 (advanced treatment including infusion)

Faradic Technology for cellulite and firming: INFORMATION AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE under BODY TREATMENTS Book 6 30 min. sessions for $50 each and receive 1 free session Book 8 60 min. sessions for $80 each and receive 2 free sessions

Dermapen – don’t miss this!!!
$130 for following areas: eye, mouth and/or neck
$300 for full face
$350 for full face and neck
$250 for chest area



Dr. Vicki Oosthuizen is starting this coming Friday. ONLINE BOOKING IS AVAILABLE. Go to website – about us – bookings; her pricelist is also available there. She does anti-wrinkle injections and fillers.

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