Newsletter February 2013


I can’t believe that January has passed us by! It started with a bang and what a great experience I had; a record month!!! I thank you all! To show my gratitude I am offering you discounted prizes on selected treatments. Indulge yourself with treatment from top to toe.

The summer season can be extremely stressful for our skin due to winds and warm temperatures and re-thinking my own skin care routine and skin care products allows me to look at what I can recommend to my clients. If my skin looks healthy in summer, you will want to know how I achieve that great glow. Here are my tips for getting my skin through summer.

  • Go heavier on skin layering Since extreme weather weakens skin’s balance and protective lipid barrier, you need to save your skin by layering it with serums/gels and moisturizers.
  • Go heavier on anti-oxidants Protection against free radical scavengers must be the order of your day. Products rich in vitamin A, C and E must be used daily.
  • Say no to chapped lips and dry hands For lips choose a thicker moisturizer with oils and lost of anti-oxidants.
  • Humidity Summer weather and humidity go hand in hand; more reason to apply anti-oxidants lavishly.

Environ Skin Care products are designed to protect your skin against the extreme weather of summer. Why settle for second best if you deserve the best?



Thank you to all the clients who gave me feedback on the last newsletter. 

I’m very excited to see and hear that most of the current clients did receive and read it.  My aim is to provide ongoing information about the salon and to get as much response from you so that I can provide better services in future.  In future all clients who reply or provide feedback will be entered into a “lucky draw” prize.  Mrs. Thompson from Wanniassa did the lucky draw for me.

January’s lucky winners are:  Joan Mc Donald and Anne-Marie  Stringer.  

Anne-Marie and Joan each receives a discount coupon with a $50 value.  Please confirm receipt of this coupon to activate it.   61662265 :


Specials on offer

Rules regarding special offers:

  1. Not refundable nor transferable
  2. Can be used as gifts – gift vouchers available.
  3. Subject to availability – to secure your deal; pay within 5 working days! Bank account details: Riana’s Health and Skin Care Clinic, Commonwealth bank, BSB 062914, Acc 10741488 (send receipt to:
  4. Specials only valid for 60 days

Treatments on offer:

  • Dermapen around eyes $100 (50% discount)
  • Dermapen full face and neck $300 (25% discount)
  • Dermasweep/dermabrasion:

3 min for only $50
5 min for only $75
10 min for only $100 (50% discount)
Hydradermie facial $95 ($25 discount)
20% discount on: (prices on request)
leg waxing, tinting, tanning, Slimming sessions
Bottom eyeliner tatttooing $250 ($135 discount)
Spoil yourself today!!! Pick any and pay!


Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist – Australia’s No. 1

Cosmetic Tattooing also known as Permanent Makeup is a safe, quick and easy method with little or no down time in the hands of a fully qualified and registered practitioner. I deal daily with traumatized clients who had awful experiences. Clients complain about the pain during and after procedures, color changes and asymmetrical designs to name a few.

This is what I do: (1) before treatment: inform the client what to expect before, during and after procedure. (2) talk about design options (3) talk about color choices (4) take before pictures and do the design (5) apply a very good local anesthetic (not Emla – it is basically useless) (5) put client at ease (6) start procedure and talk client through the procedure (7) take after pictures and inform client about aftercare. In general: I use the best products on the market, so no more color problems!! My pigments can correct, highlight and enhance any tattoo concerns.

If you had tattooing done and need a refresher, please call for your free consultation. If you had treatment done with me two years ago, it is now time for a refresher!

Please call – 02 61662265

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