Newsletter April 2013

What a March! Time is irrelevant when you have fun! It was a good month at Riana’s. Clients received a variety of treatments with the Dermapen being the most popular treatment. All treatment outcomes were successful and all clients booked in again – AWAY with WRINKLES, I say!!! Christel has made a hole in all the Groupon specials and I can report that between Christel and I we finished 109 vouchers! Dr. Vicky’s anti-wrinkle treatments fitted in well with the activities of the month and saw many faces leave smilling! May this section of Riana’s expand alot in future.

I entered into another beauty awards: Salon of the year and Therapist of the year – all we can do now is sit back and may the best person win! I was nominated to take part in the Telstra business woman of the year – I feel so honored that someone nominated me. I hope I will not dissapoint my nominee!

Many new treatments were added to the pricelist. The new slimming machine has kicked up a storm. I’m excited when clients support new machines!! I hope that we loose lots of centimeters and get realy firm in place that needs it!

I have asked my IT expert, Lamont, to put the newsletter on the website; please send the letters to your friends. You can help me build a stronger clinic by sending this letter to one friend. Lamont is currently busy doing more marketing for the salon on Facebook and on google. Please join the salons Facebook page; I post on it daily for you to see!

Our lucky winners for March was Sonja Ducker and Kerry Casey – all you must do is to reply or tell me in the month of April that you did get my email. Your name will go into a lucky draw and you will receive a $50 dollar gift voucher from me.

If you want to share information to the clients – send that to me and I will put it in the newsletters.

Thank you so much for all the support – I’m very gratefull!! Love you all!



11-04-2013-1LUCKY WINNER IS….

Thank you to all the clients who gave me feedback on the last newsletter. I’m very excited to see and hear that most of the current clients did receive and read it. My aim is to provide ongoing information about the salon and to get as much response from you so that I can provide better services in future. In future all clients who reply or provide feedback will be entered into a “lucky draw” prize. Mrs. Thompson from Wanniassa did the lucky draw for me. January’s lucky winners are: Sonja Ducker and Kerry Casey. Sonja and Kerry each receives a discount coupon with a $50 value. Please confirm receipt of this coupon to activate it. 61662265/


11-04-2013-2Vanquishing “The Frown”. – by Dr. Vicky Oosthuizen, MBChB, ABAM Cert.

The area most frequently treated with anti-wrinkle injections (Botulinium toxin-A) by cosmetic physicians is the central brow or glabellar area (also commonly dubbed ‘the frown’).

In 2002 Botulinium toxin-A was FDA approved for use in glabellar frown lines and has since been the most effective known way of both preventing and treating wrinkles in this area.

There are four muscles of the brow causing horizontal and vertical creases of the glabellar area. These muscles normally allow us to squint, protecting our eyes from the elements. Persistent, unintentional frowning also occurs during intense concentration or expression of concern, pain, anger, frustration etc. With time, however, the persisting lines caused by this action can lead to an appearance of tiredness or can be perceived by others as negative emotion. Weakening the four muscles that’s normally responsible for ‘the frown’ can raise the eyebrows and significantly soften or even completely eliminate the frown lines in the glabellar area. This leads to a more relaxed, youthful appearance conveying a more positive demeanour.

During a typical consultation your physician will assess your own unique pattern of frowning and point out any pre-existing asymmetry. Most likely a baseline photograph will be taken to use as comparison in the future. Injections are then administered in five to seven sites, usually in a ‘V’-shape between the brows following the anatomy of the corrugator and procerus muscles (‘frown’ muscles).

The most common side effects include mild swelling or minor bruising directly after the procedure and transient mild headache. Other potential side effects and complications that occur less frequently (like brow ptosis or allergic reactions) will be discussed by your physician prior to you giving consent for the procedure.

In most patients this is a procedure that requires minimal downtime and can be incorporated into a regular week. Some precautions such as avoiding lying flat and avoiding heavy lifting for a few hours post the procedure needs to be taken into consideration when planning one’s day. As with all cosmetic procedures it is prudent to schedule an appointment well in advance (2-4 weeks) from a big occasion (such as a wedding) especially if it is your first treatment. Treatments generally need to be repeated after 3-4 months in order to maintain effective treatment.

Contact us via phone (0261662265) or email ( to book a complimentary consultation and discuss an individualised treatment plan.


11-04-2013-3Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist

Australia’s No.1- that is what my clients say!!!
I have been doing cosmetic tattooing since 1994. I also hold a diploma in paramedical tattoo corrections and tattoo removal.

What causes brow colour to go pink or blue? Tattoo pigments used are made up of various components and because they are organic they are absorbed by the skin cells. The brown pigments go first leaving you with hues of brown or black. Brown can turn pink and black/Grey can go blue. To avoid this from happening I use specialized pigments to fix your colour so that it doesn’t go pink or blue.

What can you do if you have pink or blue brows? Tattoo correction is the only procedure that can reverse this from happening. Never ever allow any tattoo artist to reapply a colour on pink or blue; it will turn pink or blue within 6 months.
The other solution is tattoo removal – with this procedure I remove the colour from the skin and start fresh with colour and a fix.

How many sessions should you have to give you longevity? Always TWO and in some cases THREE. This is the norm across the globe. So don’t let anyone advise you differently! Repeat in the procedure puts more pigment under the skin; the more pigment the longer it lasts.
DOES IT MAKE SENSE??? Yes, it does!!!


11-04-2013-4Specials on offer!

Rules regarding special offers:
1. Not refundable nor transferable
2. Can be used as gifts – gift vouchers available.
3. Subject to availability – to secure your deal; pay within 5 working days!
Bank account details: Riana’s Health and Skin Care Clinic, Commonwealth bank, BSB 062914, Acc 10741488 (send receipt to:
4. Specials only valid for 90 days


Treatments on offer:

Dermapen full face $300
Dermapen full face and neck $350
Dermapen per area: eyes or moutn or neck $150

60 min including massage $100 (50% discount)j
Buy 2 and get a pedicure FREE

Shellac manicure/pedicure only $50


Slimming sessions:

Buy 6 get 1 free
Buy 8 get 2 free (pay per session)

Non-surgical face lift sessions:
Buy 6 get 1 free
Buy 8 get 2 free (pay per session)

Special valid until end of April – so call soon!



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