New Services for March

Dear Clients,

Just a friendly reminder that Dr. Vicki is starting at clinic from 8 March. If you want treatment let me know via email or phone. (02 61662265 or


We are pleased to introduce our new cosmetic physician, Dr. Vicky Oosthuizen, to the practice. Dr. Vicky is no stranger to cosmetic medicine; previously practising general and cosmetic medicine in South Africa she has relocated to Australia five years ago and has since been working in the fields of emergency medicine and teaching. She is happily married, the proud mother of a very robust one year old, owns two naughty dogs and would love to say that she has hobbies but who has the time!

So what is this weird and wonderful field of cosmetic medicine….? In itself, the name almost seems to contradict itself. ‘Cosmetic’ meaning ‘having no other function than to beautify; decorative rather than functional’ and then the word ‘medicine’ meaning ‘the science of diagnosing, treating, or preventing disease and other damage to the body or mind.’

I won’t be using this time to go into a lengthy discussion on the merit and rationale of this booming field of medicine where beauty and science has been doing the tango since the 19th centaury.

Rather I’d like to tell you why I love my job.

Firstly, like most of my clients, I simply love beautiful things. And few things are as beautiful as a confident woman. A unique face, a glowing smile, healthy skin, youthful lines…. Those are the things that make me ‘tick’. To enhance, restore or sometimes simply create these coveted traits are a joy and an inspiration.

And secondly, I love working with women. (Don’t get me wrong: men are great. And certainly deserving of their own special treats.) But women are just so unique in every different stage of life and living. Whether we are exuberant students, pressured execs, full-on supermoms or contented nans, we have needs. Including beauty needs. Extremely individualised, similar to no one else’s needs, ideas and ideals.

Which is exactly where this job moves from ‘cosmetic’ into ‘medicine’ and even beyond that.

I’m looking forward to meet you, hear about your own special ideas and create a thing of beauty.

Please feel welcome to book a free 15 minute consultation with ME during the month of March to discuss a highly individualized therapy package.


Yours in health
Dr. Vicky Oosthuizen

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