July Newsletter

From Riana’s Pen…

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loyal support during the past 8 weeks. It wasn’t easy and I do apologise if you suffer any discomfort during this time. Alida has taken a load off my shoulders and I can’t express my gratitude. May God bless us all for many months to come! I love all of you and only want the best for you. Please take a minute and read through our newsletter.


After clients feedback and demand we are considering another day for Gaynor Simpson from Queensland to visit our Clinic. The date now is for 9 November 2015. Please contact the clinic if you are interested or want to book another session.



Do you have “hair thinning”, “hair loss”, alopecia, had cancer and lot hair or generally feel you want more dense hair, then this treatment is for you! This is a break NPM International has developed this unique machine and

1) consultation – 15 min

2) design and colour selection – 15 min

3) anaesthetic time – 30 min

4) treatment – 60 min

You need 2 sessions, 2 weeks apart 

Cost: $450 per hour – I offer payment plan over 3 months.


  1. Do we have your mobile phone number and email address? If not, please send it to us urgently.
  2. I’m receiving to many excuses for “no show” appointments. This kind of behaviour in today’s technology driven society is to be honest a little lame, don’t you think? My reminder message clearly states: 48hr cancellation time is needed. All voucher states: 24 hrs notice is needed. Please honour these statements.
  3. Check my reminder text message time and day, if it differs from the time you have in your diary, let us know immediately so we can respond to it. If you believe you have an appointment and received no text message 2 days prior to appointment, call us urgently.

I hope this makes it more clear to you. I need your support to make this work for you and for me.


I have many payment plan clients and this message is not a direct attack on them! My previous receptionist set up many payment plans for current client – which are fantastic!. The plan provided clients to receive serious treatments over a short time. This worked really well, however I now have SERIOUS PROBLEMS! Some clients didn’t pay enough towards their plan and are now faced with a high balance. These clients will receive notice from me to pay more money towards their account. If they don’t respond and pay more or more frequently, I will have no choice to hand them over to debt collectors. Like I said: “this is a general message and not aimed at anyone specific”. If you have a problem with your account, please call me.


Why struggle with unwanted facial hair if you can go hair- free? The BOOTCAMP will give you the opportunity to experience a HAIR-FREE life style.

  • Week 1 – Dermaplane and LED 30 min
  • Week 2 – IPL hair removal 15 min
  • Week 3 – IPL hair removal 15 min
  • Week 4 – Dermaplane 30 min

Total cost: $400 ($100 per week)

Benefits: Hair free and silky smooth skin, as the Dermaplane is a medical form of dermabrasion. If you want to regenerate your skin, this is very unique treatment for you. I will replace the IPL hair removal for you with the IPL rejuvenation. Please pre-book your sessions for August/September.

Alida will help you with your bookings! Please call her on 0261662265

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