IPL (Impulse Light Therapy)

IPL Service

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IPL Hair Removal:

How does it work?  IPL is a intense pulse light that heat up the dermal papillae at the bottom of the hair follicle causing a destruction of the papillae.  After repeat in treatment the hair stops growing.  The IPL machine will be programmed according to your body hair colour, your skin colour and the intensity required to destroy your body hair.

Full leg – $150

Half leg – $100

Underarm/Bikini line – $50

Brazilian (front and back) – $125

Brow (center) – $15

Lip/chin/sides – $45

Full face – $60

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Impulse Light Therapy for the face:

Facial Rejuvenation – $150

IPL for Facial Rejuvenation aims at the dermal layer of the skin causing intense stimulation of new skin cells causing the dermal layer to become thick and healthy.

Capillary Damage – $150

IPL for Capillary Damage aims at the blood vessels in the dermal layer causing  a destruction of the vessel.

Pigmentation problems – $150

IPL for Pigmentation problems aims at the melanocytes in the lower level of the epidermal layer causing a destruction of this cell.

Acne conditions – $150

IPl for Acne conditions aims at the P-acne bacteria, killing this bacteria to achieve a healthy pustular free skin.

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