Skin Needling


Dermal-Needling using Dermal-roller

The newest innovation for Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation

Medical Needling or, as it is officially called, Collagen Induction Therapy was introduced to the medical and beauty industry by Dr. Desmond Fernandes, an internationally renowned South African Plastic Surgeon.Medical Needling is a simple procedure with little down time for clients or patients (no more than four to seven days) and significant, measurable, and sustainable results.

 As stated the principle behind Collagen Induction Therapy is simple: to stimulate the body’s production of collagen.This is accomplished by causing a minute injury to the dermis, which results in the start of the wound healing cascade.

A sterile roller with micro-needles is gently passed over the area to create channels into the deeper layer of the skin.This creates minute injury to the dermis, which results in the stimulation of the body’s own production of collagen.

Proven results with this procedure are that it can stimulate the collagen production in the dermis up to 1000% in one given treatment.In addition to that it can increase the absorption of biological products up to 10 000 times in a single use.

Clinic procedures can take from forty-five minutes to an hour, depending on the area to be treated.Results can take three to nine months to fully appear as the body takes time to generate new collagen.The client or patient sees continual improvement.

A controlled study has shown that new, naturally produced elastin and collagen fibres are visible 6 – 8 weeks after the treatment.

A crucial part of the treatment is the preparation of the skin prior to the procedure with topical vitamins A and C.This significantly reduces down time and client discomfort.It is very important that clients continue using topical vitamins for at least six months post procedure to ensure the production of healthy collagen and elastin.

The beauty of this treatment in contrast to conventional treatments like laser resurfacing or peels, Collagen Induction Therapy is non-ablative and achieves results without burning or removing the superficial epidermis.

A CIT can be performed on ALL skin areas of the body except close to the eyes.Unlike ablative procedures a CIT can be performed repeatedly to achieve desired results.

Depending on your skin condition, and to achieve maximum possible results, it is advised that the client complete a treatment cycle of 3 to 4 treatments with a 6 week interval between treatments.This will allow time for new collagen cells to form and for these cells to mature.As skin continues to age an annual refresher CIT should be considered.Between the CITs and after the last one, the client can support the results of the CIT by using the Home care roller system in combination with active products.

CIT is recommended for all skin types, it is not recommended for those skins with active or acute infections, chronic skin disorders, blood clotting problems, poor healing, a clear-cut keloid diathesis, active acne,active herpes, or skin malignancies.

Some advantages of CIT is that the treatment is not painful, cost effective, little down time, no damage to the skin, can be used on thin skin, can be used on laser resurfaced skin, can be used on all areas of the body, including cellulite, stretch marks, scarred tissue, thinning of hair and hair loss.

There are many needle sizes available on the market.For Collagen Induction Therapy you need a roller with needle size 0.5 and up.Home rollers make use of needle sizes lower than 0.5.

Needle sizes available

The size you need depends a lot on the specific use!

  • 0.2 mm – These rollers are too small to induct collagen.They will increase blood flow to the area and are often used as home use rollers.For most purposes a 0.5 mm roller is the smallest roller for collagen induction.
  • 0.5 mm – This is the smallest roller that inducts collagen.As such it is the best general purpose roller.It is highly recommended for anti ageing on the face and for breast enhancement.It can also be used for scarring but is best used in conjunction with the 1 mm roller for this purpose as deeper stimulation is usually required.
  • 1 mm – This roller is used for CIT.  This is also the most commonly used roller to assist hair loss.In most cases this is effective but if hair is much longer and thicker than a 1.5 mm roller can be used.These rollers are also good for smaller scars especially on the face.
  • 1.5 mm – These rollers are generally used for problems in which deeper collagen stimulation and rearrangement is required.
What can the rollers be used for?

Anti Ageing – It is effective against wrinkles, skin damage, crow’s feet, lip creases, coarse skin, pigmentation problems, sun damage and sagging skin.This is because it has been shown that the roller can increase collagen production in the skin by up to 1000% in a single treatment.Also increase product penetration up to 10 000 times in a single treatment

Cellulite – The roller is highly effective at removing the appearance of cellulite.It causes the skin to thicken and restore elasticity.It also increases the production of collagen fibres and elastin fibres so improving the appearance of the skin immediately.Unlike other techniques such as skin peels and dermabrasion it does not damage the skin or remove the epidermis and so is suitable for all types of skin.The use of advance products will speed up the process of rejuvenation.

Stretch marks or Striae are experienced by about 80% of women during pregnancy and are usually permanent. Until recently the treatment of stretch marks was very difficult.The roller has shown to cause an average of 70% improvement in the appearance of stretch marks.The roller achieves this result through collagen induction therapy.This is because glucocorticoid hormones prevent the transformation of fibroblasts into both collagen and elastin fibres in the area, thus reducing the appearance.

Scars – Traditionally scars have been considered very difficult to treat by technicians.The roller has changed this.Depending on the type of scar being treated and the depth of the scar different length rollers should be used.For most scars on the body including deep pick scars using the 1 mm roller will deliver good results.For smaller scars on the face the 0.5 mm is recommended.The following scars can be treated:chicken pock, ice pick, appendectomy, burn, surgical, C-section and tummy tuck scarring

Hair loss – the use of the 1/1.5 mm roller and an advance serum will stimulate hair follicles to produce new hair.

Treatments available at the clinic
  • Mesotherapy or Skin Needling – this treatment stimulates the physiology of the skin paying particular attention to the collagen production of the skin and advance product penetration.  A variety of active ingredients are used to assist in the process.
  • 30 minute treatment $150 (face only); $350 (neck and face) (one treatment every week for 6 weeks)  The price exclude the dermal roller.  The home kit is recommended for optimal results.
  • CIT (Collagen Induction therapy) – this treatment is used to induce collagen up to 1000% in a treatment.  This treatment is used to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin.  The treatment can also be used for hairloss, stretch marks and cellulite.  The procedure is performed by using Dermal Rollers.
  • Surgical Advance CIT or PCI-T (percutaneous collagen induction therapy) – this treatment causes rejuvenation of the Skin by Inducing Growth Factors.  The procedure is performed by using the Environ Surgical Roll CIT system.
  • 60 minute treatment $330 – $550 depending on the areas.  (one treatment every 3 – 4 weeks for 6 treatments.  The price exclude the dermal roller.
  • Advance Cellulite Therapy – this treatment is used to indue collagen up to 1000% in a treatment.  This treatment will improve the skin texture, firmness and appearance.  A course of 6 treatments are recommended; one treatment every 3 – 4 weeks.
  • Treatment for thinning of hair – this treatment stimulates the hair follicle to produce new hair.  45 min treatment cost $180 (excluding the dermal roller).  Daily home treatments are recommended. 
General information prior to treatment
  • For CIT clients must use Environ AVST1 (Vitamin A) for 3 weeks prior to treatment to prepare the skin for treatment and for optimal results.
  • Light peeling treatments are advisable.  These peels will assist in the removal of keratinized cells from the stratum corneum.
  • Clients must have no contra-indications to treatment – a consultation is essential prior to treatment.
  • For optimal results clients can use a home care system daily.