Cosmetic Tattoo Training

Hi there,

I’m conducting Cosmetic Tattoo Training on the 22nd and 23rd of June from 9am – 8pm. 

If you are interested in this course please complete the admission form and send it back to me. I will need $2000 to purchase your kit.  Let me know if you have a kit.  I will work out the balance on the course fee for you.  Please do transfer and send me the bank receipt.

The course will cover:  colour theory, all procedures (lips, brows and eyes).  I will also use different machines and techniques during the training. You will need the SPCP training book and student hand book.  If you have these let me know; if not, I will need the money for these books as well. Models will be organised for the training days.  If you want some tattooing done, let me know, as you can also be a model.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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