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Personal Details 

Surname                :  Janse van Rensburg

First Name            :  Riana

Address                 :  42 Goldfinch Circuit, THEODORE ACT 2905

Email                     :

Phone                    :  +61 (0) 2 61662265

Languages :           English and Afrikaans

Nationality            :           Australian Citizen


From a very young age I always wanted to be a beautician.  I loved to spoil mom and spend hours painting her nails and rubbing her face! 

At the age of 13 my dad (pharmacy owner) gave me a casual job to help him with small duties.  I worked with him for 5 years.  He taught me many business skills.

After year 12 I completed a three year higher diploma in health and skin care (Diploma in Beauty Technology), at the Cape Town Technical College, in South-Africa.

The period between 1989 when I opened my beauty salon and 2009 before immigrating to Australia in 2010 was a career most therapists can only dream about.

My business plan was designed around growth and financial success.  During this time I achieved many goals, won many awards and achieved great financial success turning my salon into the finest salon in the state. 

In 1990 I opened a government accredited beauty school.  I took this to the next level, by receiving a national and two International accreditation’s to train and assess health and skin care.  I served on education boards for beauty therapy and was nominated national and international examiner for the industry. Through all this time I got married to my school sweet heart. We had 3 beautiful boys. I wanted the best for them.  I enrolled them into a private school and paid for their tuition.

In 2009 I sold 2 fully paid houses, my beauty academy and day spa and moved to Australia to provide my boys with a better future. 

In September of 2010 I opened my beauty salon in Canberra.  I used the same business model I had in South-Africa.  In 2011 I won “best new business”, “best sole trader” and “highly commended business woman of the year” awards.  The following year I was a finalist for the Telstra Business Woman of the year.  I achieved finalist nominations in two ABIA awards as well.

I had one huge obstacle! I was an immigrant and had no credibility.  I changed this obstacle to: I have a challenge!  In 2012 I bought my first home.  (I just bought my second home).  My boys finished year 12 through a private school.  My eldest is in his 5th year at uni studying to become a Dr in Radiology, middle son is a Sous chef and youngest son just started uni studying to become a web designer.  I pay for their tuition as it is again my choice. 

In 2014 I opened my first beauty academy in Canberra.  I’m accredited to train beauty, dermal studies and cosmetic tattooing.  I’m the sole trainer for DermlanePro and got distribution rights for Australia and New Zealand.  During this time I changed my business model.  I want to offer the public a one-stop-skin care-shop. 

Through all this growth and experience I did some studying too.  I completed my Cert IV in training and assessment, laser safety officer certificate, ITEC higher diploma in cosmetic tattooing, and a CPCP certificate to train and assess cosmetic tattoo students.  I have completed my medical aesthetic diploma in Texas, US and currently busy finishing my EN Nursing Diploma through Think Education.   I want to offer my clients all services in and around our industry. 

This year Francois and I will be together for 37 years.

My personal strengths also include

  • Being a decisive and self-motivated business owner/team leader, with the ability to bring enthusiasm and resilience to my clinic and academy.
  • Having highly developed organisation and time management skills, able to process complex information, juggle multiple responsibilities and work under pressure to meet deadlines.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills complemented by the ability to recognise skills and strengths in others and draw on them to develop and manage effective teams and business opportunities.
  • People focused and experienced in working with clients to fully understand their needs and ensure that services and products are to the highest standards.
  • With excellent communication and influencing skills and the proven ability to liaise with a wide range of clients, along with the maturity and personal ability to achieve highly successful outcomes.
  • Exercising the highest degree of discretion with confidential client and staff information and situations.
  • Working successfully with people from culturally diverse range backgrounds.

Business/Award Achievements 

  • Nominated Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year Award 2013 and 2014
  • Finalist in the ABIA Awards for Best Therapist and Best Salon 2013
  • APAA Awards for Best Sole Trader of the Year 2012
  • Vice-president for the Chamber of Women in Business 2012
  • Winner of the Chamber of Women in Business (CWB’s) Best New Business Award 2011
  • International CIDESCO Examiner 2008
  • Winner of the Small Business Award 2007 – 2008
  • Academy received full accreditation as a Private Provider under the South African Quality Assuror ACT (SAQA) in 2006
  • National SAAHSP (South African Association for Health and Skin Care Professionals) Examiner in 2006
  • National Accredited Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator for NQF, Level 5 Diploma for Health and Skin Care in 2004

Registrations/Assessor Qualifications 

  • 2017 – Currently in my 3rd Stage completing Diploma for Nursing.

Completed Certificates:

Blood Transfusion, Manual Handling, CPR, First Aid, Hand Hygiene, Drug Administration, Drug Calculations, Injections (IM, IV and SC), IV infusions and IV injections.  Have completed placement in Dementia, Mental Health and Acute Care.

  • 2016 – Diploma for Nursing – completed Stage 1 and Stage 2.
  • (Completed Certificates in: Blood Transfusion, Manual Handling, CPR, First Aid, Hand Hygiene, Drug Administration, Drug Calculations, Injections (IM, IV and SC).
  • 2016 – Certificate in Medical Aesthetics in Dermal Fillers and Injectable, San Antonio, Texas.
  • 2016 – Appointed KlinikSolution Centre to perform Factor 4 PRP treatments
  • 2016 – Appointed Mesoesthetic Depigmentation Centre to perform Cosmelan De-pigmentation treatments
  • 2015 – Appointed DermaplanePro training centre to train and perform treatments
  • 2014 – CPCP Cosmetic Tattoo Diploma
  • 2013 – Laser Safety Officer with Trudy Fleming Institute, Canberra
  • 2011 – Certificate in Training and Education, Om Shanti College, Canberra
  • 2007 – Counselling Psychologist, INTEC College, South Africa 
  • 01/01/07 – 01/01/2010 – Certificate of Registration as Assessor with PAB – ETQA, Accreditation Number Nr 0139, Assessor PAB ID, AJAN 4095, Accreditation Term, Accreditation Condition to assess for NQF, LEVEL 5;   CIDESCO NR. 49951; SAAHSP NR. 49952 and ITEC NR. 21513
  • 01/01/07 – 01/01/2010 – Certificate of Registration as Moderator with PAB – ETQA, Accreditation Number Nr 0021, Moderator PAB ID         AJAN 6076, Accreditation Term and Accreditation Condition to moderate for NQF, LEVEL 5
  • 2008 – Level 1 – Youth for Christ Crisis Management/Counselling WITH WHO
  • 2008 – Level 2 – Youth for Christ Crisis Management – “Equipped to serve” (including Pregnancy Tests and Counselling; Education and Training in Communities and Schools; Teen Mom Support; Single Mother Support and SOS – Men’s Support
  • 2008 – Level 3 – HIV/AIDS Crisis Management/Counselling (including HIV Testing and Counselling and HIV Support) 
  • 2006 – Planning Learning Events Nr. 9950, with Behaviour Systems Development Pty, Certificate Number HO 360/817319US 
  • 2006 – Conducting Targeted Training and Development Using Given Methodology, Nr. 117870 with Behaviour Systems Development Pty, Certificate Number HO 360/917319US 
  • 2006 – Performing One-To-One Training On-The-Job, Nr. 117877 with Behaviour Systems Development Pty, Certificate Number HO 360/117319US
  • 2006 Facilitators Training
  • 2005, 2006 and 2003 Examiner OBE Training
  • 2004 – Medical Cosmetics (Allergan training in Injectable and Dermal Fillers) 
  • 2003 – OD Assessor Nr. 7978, Behaviour Systems Development Pty, Certificate number  HO 098/5099940Q and PABH9479
  • 2003 – Moderate Assessments Nr. 7977 with Behaviour Systems Development Pty, Certificate number HO 099/1147163Q and PABH5551           
  • 2002 – Anatomy & Physiology ITEC British Diploma with Riana’s International Academy of Health and Skin Care Pty Ltd, South Africa
  • 1993 – Teaching and Advanced Teaching with the International School of Health and Beauty – Alberton, South Africa 
  • 1988 – National Diploma Beauty Technology Diploma with Cape Town Technikon, South-Africa, Diploma number KT/K10714/88 
  • 1989 – Diploma International CIDESCO, Swiss Diploma with Cape Town Technikon, South-Africa, Diploma number 88076.06
  • 1988 – Physiatrics  and Aestheticienne ITEC British Diploma with Cape Town Technikon, South-Africa

Beauty and Health Training 

  • Shellac – UV3 Technology Nail System 2010
  • 2009 – “Hope for the Heart” Counselling Course (pre and post abortion)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Education, Australia
  • Electrical Therapy Workshop: May 2003
  • Aromatherapy Diploma – International School of Health and Beauty
  • Reflexology Diploma – International School of Health and Beauty
  • Honours Certificate – Peeling Systems – Dr. Des Fernandes
  • Star Nails Certificate (fibre, silk, gel and acrylic nail system)
  • Biosculpture gel Certificate (gel nail system)
  • ESN Certificate (gel and acrylic nail system)
  • Calbrook Certificate (gel and acrylic nail system)
  • Myotology Lifting Certificate from Helene Bramwell (Ex-CIDESCO president)
  • Accord HIPL Certificate – Veeway CC
  • Permanent Makeup Certificate – Nora Barnard
  • Paramedical Camouflage Permanent Make Up Certificate – Nora Barnard
  • Certificate in Permanent Makeup – Phillipa Crichton
  • Bamboo Massage – Therapeuo Training Institute CC
  • Universal Contour Body Wrapping Certificate
  • Lamprobe Therapy – Dr. Lam (Ex-CIDESCO president – Canada)
  • Cryo Therapy – Dr. Lam
  • Environ Skin Care and Professional Salon Treatment Certificate
  • Justine Skin Care Certificate
  • Gattinue Skin Care Certificate
  • Depileve Wax System
  • Dermalogical Skin Care Certificate
  • RVB Skin Care certificate
  • Clairns Skin Care certificate
  • Rene Guinot Skin Care Certificate
  • Decleor Skin & Body Care certificate
  • Sans Souci Skin Care Certificate
  • Filorga Skin Care Certificate
  • Moorlife & Moorspa Skin and Body Care Certificate
  • Revlon Nail Certificate
  • Essie Nail Certificate

Business Management Career Achievements 

September 2010 – Present – Riana’s Health and Skin Care Clinic, Monash Canberra – Owner and Senior Therapist

2014 – Dermal Technology Institute Canberra – Registered Trainer and Owner

Key Responsibilities:

Key Business Set Up Activities:

  • Researching the current businesses providing health and skin care services including prices, location and services offered.
  • Developing my own pricing structures, menus and key cards which includes information regarding their treatments, e.g. non-surgical face-lifting etc. This card works in conjunction with the menu as a personalized treatment planner.
  • The development of a business plan including; the business’s mission, vision and customer service levels, relevant advertising for staff, potential client scoping activities (e.g. advertising, word of mouth referrals) and all financial projections.
  • Negotiating contacts such as leases and insurance as well as the setting up of the salon in Monash (i.e. fixtures and fittings etc.).
  • Securing suppliers after researching the products and equipment each company provided which suited my business.
  • Advertising for qualified staff and taking on 2 full time and one part time staff members.
  • Developing business work flows and procedures for the business and for each staff member and which was/is presented to all staff on commencement.

Every Day Business Activities:

  • Ensuring all financial management activities are up-to-date and the viability of my business is healthy.
  • Actively seeking out best result advertising in the media and that positive word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers are utilized to bring in new patronage.
  • Ensuring the wages of all staff members is compliant with legislative requirements.
  • Undertaking all booking keeping including; BAS, payrolls, taxation calculations and record keeping using a MYOB database and my Accountant.
  • Extensive liaison and building business relationships with customers, clients, suppliers, business representatives and other business owners in the shopping centre.
  • Undertaking high levels of problem solving regarding staffing issues, business initiatives and customer issues as required.
  • Ordering stocks and testing various products to ensure the highest quality products are used in the salon.
  • All invoicing, receipting and placing orders.
  • Stocktaking, clinic cleaning activities. 

Clinic/Staff Management: 

  • Staff management: successfully managing and supervising a team of approximately 3 including; position advertising, developing duty statements, shortlisting applications for interview, undertaking resultant interviews and new staff skills assessment, developing individual on-the-job training plans and programs and providing ongoing support and problem solving for all staff members.
  • Providing daily direction, on-the-job training and support to my staff which guarantees the maintenance of my business’s quality reputation,
  • Managing staff performance reviews and developing ongoing training strategies to further develop my staff.
  • I also provide all staff with regular updates and reminders regarding relevant Workplace Health and Safety, Safe Chemical Handling and Duty of Care when liaising with fellow staff members, customers and colleagues.
  • Staff roster management and ensuring peak workload times are appropriately covered.

Client Service:

  • Guaranteeing each client’s services are ‘right/effective’ to meet their individual needs.
  • Ensuring my products/equipment are well maintained and leading edge technology and my cosmeceutical range delivers results.
  • Personally meeting and greeting customers and providing a sympathetic yet positive atmosphere where they can relax and go back into their lives refreshed and able to meet their daily tasks.
  • Setting a calming yet professional service with a smile.
  • Providing specials and personalised and tailored service regimes to suit each client’s requirements.
  • Seeing feedback from customers to improve our services if required.

The Development and Certification for my Dermal Technology Institute Canberra with ITEC International:

  • 2013 – Accredited to train and teach for ITEC International through.
  • Developing a syllabus, training notes, marking and assessment criteria and running examinations to achieve the Certificate or Diploma in Dermal studies.
  • I currently have ten students and I am looking to increasing this vision.

Key Achievements:

  • 2013 – Accredited to train and teach for ITEC International
  • January 2013 – was nominated to partake in the TELSTRA Business Woman of the Year Award.
  • September 2012 – won the APAA Sole Trader Award.
  • Completed a Laser Safety Course with the Flemming Institute, Melbourne.
  • August 2012 – won CWB’s Highly Commenced Business Woman of the Year Award.
  • October 2011 – was selected as Vice-President of CWB.
  • August 2011 – won CWB’s ‘Best New Business Award”.
  • June 2010 – Completed my Training and Education Certificate with Om Shanti College.
  • In November 2010 I formed a partnership with Dr Tony Tonks as a Paramedical Cosmetic Tattoo therapist who works on a referral basis which extended the services I offer/ed.
  • Ending the year 2010 with a clientele base of 130 on record from 0 on commencement. My clinic was a success! 

In May – June 2010 my family and I relocated to Australia from South Africa and I researched associations, schools, salons and licences etc. with the view to starting my business in Canberra.

July – September 2010 – Elleebana School of Beauty – Vice Principal on a part-time basis as well as a Lecturer with the Australasia Academy for Health and Skincare on a part-time basis

Key Responsibilities:

  • As Vice Principal I managed I developed and trained second year students in beauty therapy and managed the day to day administrative activities of Elleebana School of Beauty. I interviewed potential students and managed student clinic days.
  • As a Lecturer I taught and train in according to the Certificate III in Beauty Therapy which was certified by the Australian Government. 


  • Joined AABTH and APAA – Beauty Associations of Australia and the Chamber for Women in Business.
  • Joined SPCP as a life long member which is an international association for cosmetic tattoos for professionals.  They endorse tattoo artists across the world.

2008 – 2009 – Options Care Centre – Counselling Psychologist (part time)

2008 – Online Counselling Service in South Africa and currently in Australia

Key Responsibilities:

  • 2010 January – April – working part-time as a Senior Therapist and part-time Counselling Psychologist with Options.
  • Currently acting as a National and International Examiner for the beauty industry.
  • 2008 I undertook courses through Options Care Centre which is a Youth for Christ Division of Options to enable me to counsel clients who are in crisis. I completed: crisis management; pre and post pregnancy crisis counselling; HIV/AIDS crisis management counselling as well as pre and post abortions crisis counselling.
  • I also undertake volunteer work for Options tutoring their clients in Marriage Counselling on a part time basis.
  • In addition, I still manage my Online Counselling Service which I started while in South Africa to provide support to people in need regarding AIDS, marriage and relationship counselling, pregnancy etc.

1998 – 2009 – Riana’s International Academy Health and Skin Care Pty Ltd –


2009 – 2010 – IHCC (new business) – Owner and Counselling Psychologist (Part time)

1989 – 2009 – Riana’s Health & Skin Clinic – Owner and Therapist 

Business and Personal Achievements 1998 to 2009: 

Achievements 2009:

  • I was selected as a Board Member for the Education Committee for SAAHSP and overviewed many syllabi for SAAHSP (South African Association for Health and Skin Care Professionals).
  • My husband and I started our immigration plans for Australia.  I sold my hydro and my academy to ex-students.
  • Working at the hydro on a part-time basis focussing on advance therapies, e.g. Mesotherapy, glycolic peeling, dermabrasion, IPL laser therapy, permanent makeup and advance facials.
  • I acted as a National SAAHSP Examiner at Sandy Roy Academy, Isa Carstens Acaqdemy and Corposano Academy in Cape Town and Camelot Academy in Windhoek, Africa and; Langebaan Academy on the West-coast of South Africa.
  • Because my work at the hydro was part-time I started my own online counselling business called:  International Health and Counselling Centre.  This service is international.  I can counsel in all languages with my translating programme.

Achievements 2007:

  • I was appointed as a CIDESCO International Examiner.
  • I entered into a competition and won the ABSA Business Women of the Year Competition.

Achievements 2006:

  • My academy received FULL status with SAAHSP after completing the three year trial period.
  • My academy received Category 1 Status from PAB E.T.Q.A for the high standard of education and for maintaining the rules and regulations of the industry.
  • I was appointed as a full-time National SAAHSP Examiner.
  • Vibrant Living Magazine, a South African based magazine, asked me to be their Beauty Editor and I signed a two year contract with them.
  • South African legislation changed and the Department of Education instructed me to register as a Private Further Education and Training Institution with them.  Deputy Director-General of the FET Ms P Vinjevold signed the documents on 23 March 2006.  The registration process started.
  • I received my accreditation status as a National Facilitator for Health and Skin care; NQF, level 5.
  • I enrolled for Psychology, distant learning course through INTEC College.  A three year course covering: Basic psychology, child psychology, industrial psychology and goal setting.  I qualified as a Counselling Psychologist in 2007.

Achievements 2005:

  • I was selected as a SAAHSP Sub-committee member.  This committee was responsible for fair and non-bias examinations across South Africa.  Examination outcomes were evaluated and feedback was given to the Education Board.  The committee met twice a year.
  • My hydro needed a face-lift and new advance treatments were introduced to clients.  My staff and I completed courses in Mesotherapy, glycolic peeling, vibronic-massage, Cryo-therapy and probe therapy.
  • I was asked by SAAHPS to act as a National Observer at Isa Carstens Academy in Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa.
  • My Academy received FULL accreditation Status from PAB (Professional Accreditation Body) E.T.Q.A.  My academy met the Standards of Accreditation as an Education and Training Provider to provide education and training towards the following designed qualifications/skills programmes/short courses and Learnership. Full Institutional Accreditation, NQF level 5; PAB ID 2935, SAQA ID PAB 637 with an accreditation period of January 2002 to 2007 and achieving the following diplomas/certificates:

CIDESCO Health and Skin Care Therapy Diploma, NQF level 5, 240 credits;

SAAHSP Health and Skin Care Therapy Diploma, NQF level 5, 240 credits;

ITEC Health and Skin Care Therapy Diploma, NQF level 5, 240 credits;

ITEC Aromatherapy Certificate, level 5, 120 credits; and

ITEC Reflexology Certificate, level 5, 120 credits.

  • I completed the Academy mission and vision statements; wrote all academic policies and procedures in line with SAQA regulations and according to the requirements of the E.T.Q.A.

Achievements 2004:

  • I was asked by SAAHSP to serve as a National Observer for a SAAHSP examination at the Total Concepts Academy in Port-Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. 

Achievements 2003:

  • My academy grew to 60+ learners and I had to register as a Company (Pty no 2003/007406/07).  This was compulsory according to South African legislation.  A new Director was appointed.
  • I received accreditation as a National Assessor and Moderator for Health and Skin Care.

Achievements 1999 – 2002

  • 2002 I applied for my National accreditation status from PAB (Professional Accreditation body).  Our national E.T.Q.A to become a National Private Provider for Health and Skin Care; Level 5 (higher grade).
  • 2001 My academy received trial school status from SAAHSP (South African Association for Health and Skin Care Professionals) for 3 years.  During this time the academy followed their rules and regulations and needed 100% pass rate to qualify for full status.
  • 2000 My academy received CIDESCO accreditation status from CIDESCO, Zurich.
  • 1999 My academy received ITEC accreditation status from Jane Foulston, ITEC Director, London.  The academy grew in numbers and I had to appoint another lecturer.

Achievements 1998:

  • I opened my own training academy, Riana’s International Academy of Health and Skin Care under accreditation of Services Seta, a South African Governmental SETA to test and train unit standards: Manicure/Pedicure, waxing, manual massage, makeup, facial skin care, facial machinery and business studies.
  • The Academy was not on the same premises as the clinic and consisted of 2 training rooms (1 for theory and 1 for practical) and administration offices.  I had 10 students in the first year. 

Achievements 1997:

  • I opened a sub-branch in George; Inch by Inch Beauty Clinic – sold it to the franchise in 1998.
  • George News Agency; “The Herold”, approached me to be their Beauty Editor and I wrote many articles for them including:  skin peeling, sun damage, micro-dermabrasion, permanent makeup, diet and nutrition to name a few.
  • I joined BPW (Business Professional Woman) a professional organization for business woman which was aimed as providing a vehicle for networking and attended monthly meetings.
  • I entered the Business Woman of the Year Competition.  I ended within the top 10 in South Africa.

Achievements 1996:

  • My client base expanded and I moved to bigger premises converting the clinic to a hydro offering all beauty therapy treatments and hydrotherapies (steam, water and sauna), thalassotherapies, Balneotherapies and relaxation therapies.
  • My hydro received membership from the British Association BABTAC (CIDESCO).
  • I entered into a CIDESCO International Competition and I was awarded third place.  CIDESCO also awarded me with a gold CIDESCO watch in recognition of my achievements.

Achievements 1993 – 1994:

  • 1994 – I completed a course in Permanent makeup artistry consisting of eyeliner, brow-corrections, lip liner, full lip colour and camouflage makeup.  My trainer Phillipa Crichton (Ex-SAAHSP president) was my mentor thereafter.  I completed 60 case studies before I qualified.
  • 1993 I was approached by Petrushka Swart, principal owner of International School of Health and Beauty in Alberton, Gauteng, South-Africa, a private provider for health and skin care, to open a sub-branch for her.  After I completed a Teachers and an Advanced Teacher’s Diploma through the academy, I offered certificate courses in facials, tinting and grooming, manicure, pedicure, body massage, waxing, aromatherapy and reflexology.  Petrushka’s husband sadly passed away and she was forced to close her academy and the sub-branch.

Achievements 1989:

  • After my Technikon training I worked for Sharon Warrener of Sharon Warrener’s Health and Skin Care Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa, at the Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town Gardens.  I worked for her for 10 months, moved to George and opened my own Clinic:  Riana’s Health and Skin Care Clinic.
  • My clinic menu consisted of:  facials, lash and brow tinting, brow grooming, manicures, pedicures, hand and foot masking, body massage, aromatherapy massage, reflexology, waxing treatments; to name a few. The clinic space quickly became too small and I moved the clinic to a bigger premises.  I appointed my first Therapist.

Please contact me via email if you need further information: