PAMPER EVENING! 9 December, 7pm

We asked what you thought of a pamper evening in our last newsletter and received a fantastic response, so thank you! The crazy season is now upon us and we are rushing around trying to get everything sorted for the big day.  We know it is worth it but oh how our feet and bodies […]

Environ – Important Notice

Dear Clients, Just a quick update on Environ RAD sunblock and foundations. RAD is undergoing approval and will arrive soon! No dates available. The foundations is undergoing approval and as RAD we have no dates. May I suggest the following: JUSTINE (the new cosmeceutical product) has a sunblock and is only for the face. Lycogel […]

It is here…..The mother of all technology! part 1 of 3

Dear client, The technology arrived.. Part 1 of 3 FRACTIONAL SKIN NEEDLING AND RADIO FREQUENCY (RF) Rejuvenation treatment. TIGHTEN THAT SAGGING SKIN!!! Sagging neck, jowls, face, tummy, thighs, arms…… Radio frequency (RF) is a rate of oscillation in the range of around 3 kHz to 300 GHz, which corresponds to the frequency of radio waves, […]

It is here…..The mother of all technology! part 2 of 3

Dear Client, Herewith Part 2 of our exciting new technology. Just a reminder that we will be closed for the Easter Period – from Friday the 18th of April until Sunday the 27th of April. IPL Hair and Skin Rejuvenation treatments What is IPL? Intense pulsed light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a technology used […]

Riana Janse Van Rensburg

Greetings from Riana, Dr. Vicky and staff

Dear Client, Time surely flies when you’re having fun. December has landed in all its glory! As we all know, time is ticking towards Christmas which leave us with only two weeks to buy gifts for all we love, or not! LOL All jokes aside, let me focus on you! Thank you so much for […]

Make-up for home use

MAKE UP TRAINING COURSE OFFERED BY DERMAL TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE CANBERRA MAKE UP FOR HOME USE # DATE: 2 November 2013 # TIME: 2:30 for 3:00 (you will be finished by 6pm) # FEE: $100 (including light afternoon tea) # COURSE CONTENT: How to apply makeup at home professionally. The course will cover the application of […]